Broadcast Service

RCS in partnership with Arabsat provides digital compressed transmission, in Ku or C-band of standard digital television signal within the coverage area of Arabsat satellite on a full time basis 24/7,365 days.

Arabsat BADR-7 is co-located with the BADR 5A, 5C and 6A satellites. This new orbital hotspot offers services and broadcasting platforms for customers in Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Additional resources at 26° East have increased in-orbit security, while the very high power available on Badr-7 makes it particularly suitable for Direct-to-Home (DTH) application.

RCS makes it easy for your TV channel to be on-air as quickly and effortlessly as possible. RCS will assist you with the technical setup, from system engineering, to equipment provisioning and on-site configuration, as required. RCS provides the Best-in-class satellite broadcast quality in Africa, the most affordable broadcasting price for TV and Radio channels and dedicated customer service with technical expertise.

If you broadcast specific content that is subject to strict geographical rights limitations, such as soccer matches. We can temporarily suspend rights-sensitive programmes during broadcasting, or propose alternative solutions customized to your specific case.